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U.S. Culture and Business Practices

A U.S. Culture and Business Practices degree will allow students to complete an interdisciplinary program of study that draws together rich training in the history, politics, arts, and culture of the United States with significant training in Business. The coursework will be split between classes in A&S Humanities and Social Science departments, on the one hand, and classes in the Gatton College of Business and Economics, on the other hand. Students will develop the breadth of knowledge indicative of a liberal arts education, which is the specialty of the College of Arts & Sciences. Students will enhance critical thinking and writing skills, develop communication and other "soft skills," and hone problem-solving strategies. This training will mesh with key aspects of a Business degree, including Management, Marketing, Finance, and Economics. Students will thus attain the fundamentals of a Business degree within the broader scope of skills and methods of inquiry associated with the liberal arts. This degree will be beneficial for a wide range of students: students who plan to work in business, technological, cultural, community, and human-service settings; students who wish to combine the liberal arts with a more applied field; and students for whom a traditional intercollege major is too limiting.